A Design Board

The Mr. asked why I don't share more of the work I do for people. I suppose that is a legit question so here is a little board I did for a home I am just starting with. The home owner bought a few pieces for an incredible new home they have designed and built. It seems the actual decorating of the home has been a bit more difficult for them so she asked for my help. Of course you know I love pulling a room together and making pieces that people love work for them and the house. They both love clean lines, but without going too cold. They also love just about anything that comes out of Architectural Digest. So here's my inspiration for making that a reality in their home. I will be sure to post the before and afters once it is completed, which also seems to be my problem with posting the work I have done. Every home is in process for now. Ha. It may be a little while since we are having a few pieces custom made. A first for me so I am so excited!