My New Bike

I have been debating for years on whether or not to get a bike. I am not one to buy recklessly (anymore) and want to make sure that I use it more than our twice a year beach trips. Well, I finally settled it and decided to get one! I searched all price ranges and looks until I came to the conclusion that I did not have to spend wildly to get the look and type I wanted. I wanted a hybrid of sorts to handle our hills, but still have the look and feel of a cruiser. I also wanted a cream with a back rack. I narrowed it down to the Windsor, Electra Townie, and this Schwinn. The only thing that set the other two bikes apart for me was that they had gorgeous cognac leather seats and handles, but in the end I didn't think the higher prices justified the buys. I am sure quality is better with the others, but I am thinking more leisurely rides. All this to say I simply adore her. She handles well and looks pretty. The basket I came across at Walmart of all places. KJ said it was the most important part of my bike. I may just have to agree.