Fit for a Princess {a party}

Ellie knew for months exactly the kind of party she wanted for her 6th birthday. A princess party with pink and purple, flowers, balloons, a piñata, and a cake with tiers with a princess on top. I am one that believe birthdays are meant for making little dreams come true. To have their imaginations come to to life. I must admit at first a princess party was throwing me for a loop. I rather like understated and simple, but I did know I wanted it to be more like a party for a real princess instead of a all out one Disney princess theme. As soon as I saw the fabric I used as the tablecloth and invites in the $1 bin at Hancocks all the other pieces fell into place easily. Ellie grinned ear to ear all night...

Ellie picked my dress out and I HAD to wear heels and makeup. Of course the crown was a must too. Ha. Brother, daddy, and papa were the only princes allowed which makes for a much calmer party I must say. KJ was the epitome of chivalry and told all the ladies they looked beautiful and danced with them all night.

Here is the fabric that started it all. Pink, purple, with flowers met all her requirements. Throughout the house I set up flowers that I got earlier at the wholesale flower shop here in town. I kept the palette simple and wanted them to feel as if all the princesses went out in the fields and gathered their own bouquets.

So the piñata doesn't really fit in, but it's all about making little dreams come true, right? The Mr. in the end had to bust it or we would have been there all night.


As for the cake I knew we couldn't spend a fortune, but I wanted to meet all of Ellie's requirements. So the Mr. had a brilliant idea of going to Edgars, a local bakery, and have them make up one of their standard cakes and then have them make a matching smash cake. At home I put the smash cake on top with a princess. To have the bakery actually make a tiered cake costs a small fortune, but our way came to a mere $30.00.

The big surprise of the night were the floating lanterns. They are much bigger than the ones in Tangled and a bit complicated to get going, but once we all figured it out it made for a beautiful ending. We let go about 10, but the Mr. had to help so we didn't get a full shot. Oh well.

The things that didn't get photographed: The front table had little wands and sparkly princess crowns from Target for little gifts when everyone arrived. The entry hall was filled with the 36" round white balloons. I also had the coffee table set up with paper, crayons, and sparkly foam stickers and jewels for making art and decorating their crowns further.

Where I got it:


Wands and foam princess and prince crowns: Target

Flowers: Davis Wholesale Flowers

Cake: Edgars

Floating Lanterns