How Do You All Do It...

It seems every time I am planning to get back into blogging full force, life gets in the way. I have been keeping busy decorating a few homes, doing projects for those said homes, trying to be a good wife and mother, plus trying not to become overwhelmed with the whole possibility of buying a new home. Honestly the more I look within our price range and requirements the more I am loving our current home (with a few changes of course). I guess time will tell. So all this to say, next week is my new goal for becoming the avid blogger that I enjoy being.


As for the image above, this past week Monika from Splendid Willow asked a few bloggers for simple + delicious appetizer ideas. Well, this is mine. So not fancy like the others featured, but it is ridiculously easy and everyone always loves it. Ha.


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!