Inspired {birthday edition}

So today is my birthday. It has been a great year. Maybe the best ever...

Growing up having children and being a stay at home mom never fit into my wanderlust dreams. I wanted to be a career woman and travel the world. I must say that I would not have it any other way today though. I was truly meant to be at home with my children.

This is the first year I have really liked my hair without having to do much to it. I had the keratin treatment well over a year ago and my hair never went back its wild and crazy self. It's summer and I can actually wear it down. I also think Moroccan Hair Oil is a little miracle in a bottle. The Mr. is a little worried though that I may go all Rapunzel if I don't get a trim soon. Ha.

So what did the Mr. and I do over the weekend while the kiddos were in bed? We played legos. Odd I know, but have you seen the Architecture series for Lego. I adore it.

This bathroom has reminded me that I don't HAVE to have a separate bath and shower while on our real estate hunt. I would be more that content with a combo like this. This makes the cute little bungalows a possibility.

Then I look at this image and think maybe bigger is better. Ha. High ceilings, more space to decorate, I could go on and on.

She makes me want to get out of my blue jean shorts that I wear practically everyday and put more thought into my outfit. Today I just may put on my white jeans, a cute top, and heels. We will see.

We are celebrating my birthday tomorrow. Nothing fancy like last year. Just me and my little fam. The Mr. and the kiddos also took some time this weekend to clean out the kiddos bedroom, laundry room, and our room. I cried. Have been a bit busy lately and the house has suffered. It makes me feel out of sorts. I am now one happy gal.