Riding {a prayer answered}

This summer I wanted to get Ellie involved in some sort of activity. I threw out so many ideas over the last couple of months, but she came out with taking horseback riding lessons all by herself. I loved the idea. I started riding when I was her age and rode until we moved to the south when I was 14. To be honest knowing Ellie's quiet personality that also has a need to be perfect, which makes her stress out at the ripe old age of 5, I figured after one lesson she would be done. That her fears would take over and that would be that, but boy was I so wrong. She is a natural! She was so confident aboard Annie. Telling Annie boldly whether walk, trot, or whoa {stop}. I cried. Seeing that confidence in my little girl was breathtaking. Needless to say I am going to embrace being a stable mother to the fullest as I watch Ellie blossom into the little lady God created her to be.

Ellie's instructor could not be any more sweet and perfect for my Ellie. Above and below is L teaching Ellie trust exercises on Annie.

For you horse riders out there isn't that awesome form for someone who has never even been on a horse before? I know, I know I am quite partial. What can I say I am one proud mother.