A Shared Space {my home}

This summer we combined the kiddos bedrooms into one space for sleeping and one for playing. So far it has been a huge hit. Every night I can hear them talking for hours. Of course this won't be conducive to when Ellie goes back to school so we may have to move the rooms back then. Time will tell. Making the room appear fit for both a girl and a boy was a little harder than I thought. Thankfully Ellie's walls and curtains are not gender specific. I still have plans for the large canvas in the first image, but I have yet to do it. I also did not want to put too much money into either room project since we knew this may not be a permanent option. The two things I did buy were matching quilts from HomeGoods and euro shams from a local shop, Three Sheets. I figured even if we did have to move the rooms back the euros could still be used so they were a bit of a splurge.  If you missed the playroom space you can see it here.


*on the playroom post someone asked where I put all the toys before the split. Well, Ellie had all her toys in her room and KJ had his. I have two baskets in the living area that contain gender neutral toys like balls and such. The key for us is to not go crazy in the toy department. We have only what they love and things that stimulate their imaginations. We simply don't have extra. It is a lifestyle that works for us. Also we are outdoorsy people so many of our activites are done outside.