I know I mentioned before that I am doing a book club and we are reading 1000 gifts by Ann Voskamp. She also has a blog that is a must read for me although I always have to make sure I turn down the volume on my computer or I am in for a loud awakening. ha. Something about her book has me enthralled. I am not one for self help books and this one does not read like that in the least even though it is helping me more than I can express. Her whole basis for the book is to be thankful for EVERYTHING. So in her quest she decides to write down things that she is thankful for and it's not a broad thankfulness, but details we may other wise not notice in our busy lives unless we were to slow down and look for them. I too am trying this for myself and I must say it really works. Makes me stop and REALLY open my eyes and be in the moment. I am one to rush around and always look ahead. Although these things aren't awful, they tend to keep me away from the moment and those are the moments I don't want to miss. I don't want to look back and wonder where the time went. To wonder when my children decided to grow up. To wonder when the Mr. and I got old. To wonder where life moments went. All this to say here are a few moments that I wanted to freeze, to remember, and savor in the moment...

Our new family pass time is to go out on the lake and fish. Well, mostly the Mr. fishes why we just enjoy the quite waters. Something about us all being out on the boat makes time stand still for me.

I know this would not be part of Ann's list of thankfulness or even in the slightest of what she is speaking of, but good architecture is on my list. The thought and process that goes into building something beautiful. For all the hard work that goes into every aspect. To watch bare ground become a place for people to enjoy and live. The key though is to enjoy the beauty and not get caught up in the WANT of it. That is something I am learning. That is also something I am thankful for.

We celebrated Father's Day on Saturday since the Mr. works on Sunday's. He wanted strawberry shortcake for dinner so that is what we did. I know it's awful for him to make his own special dinner, but he is better at it and we both know it. I did love watching his strong hands cutting something so delicate and ever so beautifully. Every slice was in rhythm. I enjoy this man more than anyone can ever know.

I did not realize how much I missed Ellie while she was in school. We would hurry out every morning to get there on time. I would then pick her up and by that hour it was time for me to clean the house up and cook dinner, etc. Her school even gets out earlier than most and I still feel as if our time was not used wisely after school. I love this summer as my mind set on what is truly important alters a bit. I have also come to realize as I look into Ellie's eyes she is a mini version of me, well a better me. I want to be just like her. She is wise, kind, funny, and loves God wholeheartedly in the good and the bad. She inspires me.


*Oh, and I must mention that laundry is now a delight for me not a burden. This may be where I can feel a change happening most, where it is most apparent. It even shocked me when I realized that as our laundry amounts have gone up tremendously this summer that my annoyance with it has vanished. YES, laundry drove me nuts. I HATED the feeling that as soon as I was done there was more to do. A never ending cycle that would at times anger me or even send me to tears. I know so dramatic, but true none the less. Now that same never ending cycle delights me. To know the fun that had been had in those clothes, to care for my husband in ways he has no time for, to find the rythmic motion of folding and hanging the ones I love clothing. Weird right?