A Rustic Charm {wedding style}

We are in the midst of wedding season so naturally I have weddings on my mind almost constantly. My wedding I adored. Very preppy, classic, and had an allover timeless feel. I never wanted to look back at photos and wonder what I was thinking. I stayed away from trends, but these days I wonder if I would have been more bold. I think a rustic feel would have added much fun to the mix. I absolutely adore the dress from a bridal shoot the Mr. did. I am sure my dress would have pockets now too. The setting would be in a barn and we would all drink out of mason jars. I had a dessert reception and that I would not change. Although I would have gotten an assortment of smaller cakes and pies. I think it would look darling all laid out on a long table. The invites would be a little more fun to fit the feel of the relaxed wedding. My bridesmaids which would probably be reduced in number to maybe only my sisters and my longest running bestie and they would all wear dresses in a fun color. Of course, I will not have a do over so if one of you happen to have a wedding like this I would love to shoot it! ha.