Seeing Red

As you know I rather like neutrals. It's a personal preference, but lately I have been noticing myself saving more and more images with the color red. I would have to say on a normal basis this would be one color I stray away from most. There is nothing wrong with it, but again it's a personal preference. Well, this week I am broadening my horizons and dedicating this week to the color red and the beauty it can encompass.

All of these images are quite stunning. Maybe one day I will have a room dedicated to the color red, who knows crazier things have happened I am sure. Do you decorate with red? I would love to know!

image 1 McAlpine Tankersley | image 2 House & Home | image 3 Dominio Mag | image 4 Sara Begur | image 5 Homes & Gardens | image 6 Sara Story