Divine Architecture

I think the design of the outside of a home is just as important as the inside. Maybe even more for me since I adore being outdoors gardening and such. When we are in the position to move if we can't find "the" house then I think building could be an option if we found land for a great price. I enjoy a smaller home, so a couple of the one's below would have to be modified a bit, but overall they are looks a swoon over.

The one above is by Bobby McAlpine and Greg Tankersley. They are brilliant in every way. I adore how this home is a sort of ode to a barn without being all farmer in the dell. I really want to live here or at least take a tour inside.

This is one of my all time favorite homes. It was from the March 2008 issue of Cottage Living and was owned by Wendy Posard. I think it is the garden that always catches my attention first. It is one I hope to mimic one day. The window paned door and the push out windows at the top add to the quaint charm.

This home I spotted over on La Dolce Vita. It was designed by Robert Dame. The whole home is quite amazing. The mix of textures and the sculptural garden appeal to me just as much as the top two homes did for the opposite reason.

This is a local home that is for sale. It was quite the dump before it was completely overhauled. Again it has the charm I am quite drawn to. I guess all in all that is what I am looking for... charm. I am sure my future architect is going to love me once I bring him all my ideas. Ha.