Tornadoes {we are okay}

I wasn't going to post today, but then thought better of it. Can't say this will be a happy one. I just wanted you all to know that my family is okay. Our home and area of town was spared. We were in a pocket that was lightly touched. Yesterday morning a few small tornadoes / straight line winds, not sure which yet, uprooted trees destroying and damaged some homes in our direct area.

Fast forward a bit to that evening and let's just say it was the first time in 16 years of I living in AL that I got scared. I even decked out our safety closet which I knew wouldn't do much and prayed which I knew would do a lot. The destruction that ripped through Alabama is heartbreaking. Today is all about clean up. Finding out who has survived and who has not. Finding out who has lost homes and need help. My facebook page is insane with the amount of people looking for loved ones. My twitter account may blow up as I try to help find people. One of the hardest hit places was Tuscaloosa a college town.

Even as I write this I am in tears. I know my parents and sisters are fine we kept in constant contact. Unfortunately many tornadoes went through the areas that connect us so I can't see them today, but at least I know they are okay. Grateful for life. I believe we are one of the only neighborhoods still with power I believe. If you are a local and need somewhere to go my home is open, of course with out power you may not be reading this. Also if you are a local I would love to know that you are okay too or if you need anything. Just let me know.

*Our church is putting together efforts with the state on ways to help. More info on what is needed and a way to give go here.