Gluten Free Cookies - the recipe


Here is the recipe for the gluten free and vegan cookies that I mentioned last week in my "what I eat" post. I found the recipe on the Honeyville's Almond Flour bag that I bought in bulk. I now store it in a glass jar in the fridge. The recipe was given by Elana's Pantry, but I she uses 1/2 cup of agave nectar and I read something not so great about it so I am sticking with pure honey. I LOVE this recipe hope you do too! Just remember I haven't had a "real" cookie in almost 2 months, ha.

*update - thought it was a given, but just in case it is not make sure the products bought are gluten free. I can buy regular "real" chocolate chips that have been processed in a factory that may also process wheat, but some people must buy strictly gluten free. It has to be stated on the bag if this is your case. And by real I mean it is chocolate not chocolate plus 50 other ingredients. Ha.