The One...

Last Thursday I shared my love of different types of architecture. Well that same day I did my daily visit to Brooke's blog and saw a bath that I instantly saved to my one day folder. Come to find out I not only loved the bath, but the rest of the home too. I think it is the perfect blend of all four inspiration homes I used on Thursday. Isn't she lovely?

I love the idea of using concrete flooring. It would be quite the money saver if we ever do get to build. Of course hardwoods could be added later as funds are saved, but it is something I could live with for a VERY long time. 

The living/dining room combo is perfect for our family. The windows are what have me enamored. The owner stated he intentionally went without a chandelier so the room could have multiple uses. LOVE that idea! I could imagine during holidays making one long table out of plywood covered in pretty linens and have it take up the whole space.

All the nooks in this space makes me a bit giddy. The banquette makes a perfect place for casual dining or a place for the kiddos to craft. I also like the idea of having a separate area for kitchen gadgets. Much easier than always having to put away the panini press.

Love this little space, so cozy yet so functional. It reminds me of our keeping room just paired down a bit. Okay, okay, a lot.

The kiddos spaces are so much fun, yet so simple in design. You know I love simple.

I googled for much too long trying to find out more about this home and its owner, but came up empty handed. I do know it's in Tennessee though. Anybody know more about this masterpiece? I want to know more, you know, for future use. Ha. I am a nut, I know.

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