Pretty Please

I am thinking about making a switch. I have been contemplating it for about a year now and I thought I would give it a try. My biggest fear on switching is losing all of you. I know what a pain it is to resubscribe, follow, and re link on your side bars. I started the blog for myself, but you all have been the ones who have inspired me to keep it going. Later this year I will hit my three year mark and I am ecstatic. I think I have grown tremendously during this time and am ready to claim that I am not only a mother and wife, but also a blogger. It is something I do daily. It is what I have become. I started strictly as an interiors blogger, but have over time evolved a bit. Of course my main focus will always be interiors, I adore gorgeous design, but as of late I have been incorporating my life and I think I like it that way. I think the change will help me grasp it and move forward. So I guess I am asking would you follow me over here? Pretty Please?

*Not all aspects of this blog are finalized. I will finish when I get the green light from you all that the switch is a fab idea. ha.