Good Eats {Louisville}

Blue Dog Cafe

J. Graham's Cafe at the Brown Hotel

The Pie Kitchen

It took me some time to gather my Louisville trip together and while getting ready to blog I quickly realized I had WAY too many pictures to share so I am splitting it in two. This post is dedicated to the good eats of Louisville. Granted I could not eat the majority of things I really wanted to since I am gluten free, but the sister did assure me that they were quite delicious. Blue Dog Cafe made their eggs with sea salt. Not sure why I never thought of doing this myself, because it sure did take an average egg up to a whole new level of goodness. The sixth image down is a Hot Brown. It is award winning and a tradition done in Louisville so happy my sister was willing to try it so I could get a photo of it. Ha. The Pie Kitchen had some amazing looking pies, but more importantly had the most amazing homemade ice cream I have ever tasted. We went twice so I could simply indulge. They even had a list for gluten free people. Can't wait to go eat more!