KJ's 4th Birthday Party

KJ's birthday party was a hit, but I must be honest and state that the idea was NOT all mine. He wanted superhero and as I searched online for ideas I came across this party and KJ was smitten with it. I simply down scaled it quite a bit. This party was on the smaller side and KJ made the guest list. We had fun.

KJ picked all the foods for the dessert table. He wanted a cake, m&m's and twizzlers. I added the oreo truffle pops from bakerella.

The cake that we made was adorned with this print out I found on One Charming Party. I thought it was still superhero-y without being a straight out superhero.

A friend of mine loaned us her bouncy house. It ended up being a cold night so we blew it up in our bedroom. It's still there. Ha.

I made the building out of boxes and a plastic red tablecloth I had. I simply drew on the facade. The shirts the kiddos and I made for all the little guests. They are the same ones we made for Sally's boys.

The water bottle labels and banner I ordered from Anders Ruff on etsy. They were also the inspiration for the whole party which I mentioned before.

I made coloring sheets for all the kiddos. Not sure why I haven't done this before. They were so much fun and gave the all the kiddos something else to do.

Here is the birthday boy happy as can be. Still can't believe he is four. I adore him and I am so happy he felt special.