Three Days

Not sure if you had heard, but Alabama had quite the winter fest. I have lived here for 14 years and have never seen this much snow here. The down fall of never having snow here is that the state is not prepared for such things so the whole state just shuts down. The first day was fabulous. We made make shift sleds out of plastic bin tops and had hours of fun outdoors. Well, the next two days turned to nothing but ice which makes it no fun to go outside. So we made forts, painted, and I just let the kiddos destroy the house. By day three I must say the kiddos in all their hyperness were driving up the wall, ha! Yesterday Ellie was back in school and I managed to do a few fun errands and clean the house. It's so funny how much the state of my home effects my mood. Messy = chaos / tidy = peace. I am so odd.