Decking the Halls

As I mentioned yesterday I wanted to go for a more simple and rustic theme for this Christmas and this is what I came up with...

Last year we had a Charlie Brown tree, because I was quite under the weather for the season. This year I was determined to get a huge tree, so we did, 10 ft. I could not be any more excited.

Every year I get the kiddos each a new Krinkles ornament. I then label the box with their name and the year. When they grow up and have their own tree I then plan on giving them their ornaments to start them off right.

We were all home sick yesterday so we watched a lot of netflix hence Dora being on. I thought I would just be real. Ellie thinks the Mr. and I have ugly stockings and the nutcrackers were given to me by grandmother when I was just a child. I adore them.

This little display was made from the trimming of the tree. Cost effective and I rather enjoy it. Oh, did I fail to take a pic of the blow up snowman? So sorry, but it was raining, ha!

We already owned most of the decor I used, but I added fresh greenery and a  few other things. The key in keeping it simple for me is to also keep it budget friendly. I am sure I will add a few things here and there though. I also need to do the dining table up all pretty like, but that will be for another day. Did I also mention I am hosting Christmas dinner here this year? I feel so grown up.