Trade Day

This weekend the kiddos and I headed up to Trade Day in Collinsville, AL with some friends. One of those friends happens to be the daughter of the owner so we got to use the good bathroom. Huge blessing when you have two tots in tow that drank so much fresh lemonade they should just float away. It was our first trade day experience and we had a blast. We got to see true country living at its finest. Our favorite part was the abundance of animals. KJ loved the chickens and Ellie loved the bunnies and of course the puppies were a hit with all of us. We even saw some farm animals on leashes. The food was delicious and the kiddos got to experience their first corn dog. Even I had one they were so good. We came away with a huge pack of strawberries for a dollar, the kiddos got some new shades, and I partook in some Amish cheeses that I can't wait to break open. Oh and lets not forget the biggest pot of mums for only $12.00. We can't wait to go back only next time I am going to bring the wagon so I can buy more plants.