Dreaming of Cooler Days

Here in Alabama it is still close to 100 degrees every day, but I cling onto hope that in the next couple of months we will feel a hint of fall. I look forward to trips to the zoo, the Mr. and I's nightly walks around the neighborhood to resume again, and of course fall fashion. You know leggings are my staple, but I do just love the idea of making my summer wardrobe work straight into fall. I pair of cute shorts are still stylish when paired with tights, a simple tee, and a scarf to top it all off. Oh, how I miss wearing scarves. A smart bag to carry pretty books, okay in reality I would be carrying coloring books, but you get the picture. A simple pair of super comfortable flats are a must year round really. I also hope to wear a watch much more often rather than depending on my blackberry, we have such a love hate relationship. Fall I look forward to enjoying you again. You are one of my favorites.