Guest Blogger: Flourish Design + Style

For the Love of Violet-

Who knew that a girl who’s closet consisted of black, grey and beige would come out of her shell. I am learning to ADORE color, and at the top of my list right now is violet. Mixed with brown, navy, cream, white or grey ( I could go on ) it adds a fabulous and lighthearted punch. It adds color to my cheeks and puts a spring in my step. While I haven’t introduced it into my home, I would in a second if I didn’t have a dominant blue/ grey that really wouldn’t mix well. So for now I admire those who can and enjoy having a few pieces in my closet. Our clothing favorite J Crew has some great basics in great shades of purple right now!

Thanks Paula for inviting me to post for you while you are getting some rest. It truly was an honor! Paula’s blog was one of the first that I started reading daily, and she’s the first person I visit in the morning with my cup of coffee in hand. So Paula, if some of those comments I’ve made on your posts in the past you’ve questioned a little.. I may be just waking up J I hope you are recovering well, and I’m sure that beautiful family of yours is taking the best care of you. xx

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Thank you Sarah of Flourish Style and Design! Could you believe violet is one of my fave "colors" to wear too.