After much thought and years of bad summer hair days I decided to get the Keratin Smoothing Treatment. It's definitely not cheap, but I saved for a bit and with my sweet husbands help I took the plunge. My hair after having babies was part curly, part wavy, and part straight with tons of frizz which only leaves me resembling a bell during the summer. During the winter months it's fine. I let it air dry and take a curling iron to all the crazy parts, but it works and I rather like it. The process took about 3 hours and I left the salon looking like this...

Poker straight and softer than it has ever been. I liked it, but must admit the lack of body made me a bit nervous. I am quite used to wearing it with volume. I then had to wait three days to wash it. This is after a wash...

A bit more body and by this time it was not such a shock. This was straight out of the shower and a 10 minute blow dry. Unheard of for me. Let's just say I was ecstatic. Fast forward to yesterday and I was used as a hair model for some training at Morgan Ashley Studio (they also did my treatment). My hair was done by a superb stylist for Bumble and Bumble from New York. This is what she rocked out...

Hello body! She cut it into layers with a flat razor throughout and did an arrowhead in the back. Okay so I have no idea what that means, but it sounded cool. I officially feel like one hot mama, ha!

I am hoping the treatment carries me throughout the summer. I am thinking having easy hair could become addicting.

The products that she used for my new do (all by Bumble and Bumble):
Quenching Shampoo
Quenching Conditioner
Quenching Mask
Tonic Lotion
Styling Lotion

{any Bumble and Bumble reps who may happen to read this I am lacking the mask and brilliantine, just sayin' I would accept them with open arms}