A New Lamp for the New Year

Before we left the beach I took one more look in Tracery to make sure there was not something I so desperately needed/wanted. Well, I came across the Edison Lamp that I have admired for some time. I bought it with no where to actually put it. Officially my lamp addiction has gone completely out of control. I still love it though and I will find a place for it surely. Anyway this leads me to my New Year resolutions of some sorts...

- This year I am going to learn how to cook. I hope well, at least for my husbands sake.
- I am going to put to good use our new spin bike after I get the full go ahead to work out again and no we did not spend that much of ours in case you are wondering.
- I will not buy a new lamp for a whole year, okay maybe 6 months. I must be realistic.
- I will finally do our backsplash in the kitchen.
- To be more cheerful when doing house work. I am hoping my new toy will help.
- As a couple we are going to try to grow our savings account which in turns means less spending. This lady inspires me greatly in this area.
- More one on one dates with the kiddos.
- To live more simply, which I started last year and flopped miserably towards the end of the year. {Which means I may be having sale sometime soon: home goods, children's clothing, my clothing, etc.}

I am sure this list will be added to, but for now this one works.