A Day at the Beach

Our first day at the beach could not have been any better. The kiddos rode their new bikes. Ellie is a champ KJ can use some more practice. The weather is cool, but perfect. We took strolls on the board walk and truly just relaxed.

Even though we never actually plan it Kellen and I always seem to match our children. I really don't mind dressing like my daughter, she already has more fashion sense than I.

That evening we headed out to Seaside and went to my favorite cupcake stand. There is a row of air-streamers serving up what your heart desires and mine always desires a cupcake. This time around I went for the special and got a salted caramel cupcake. I am not a huge frosting person, but this one I could eat a tub of.

As for the rest of the week, well not sure, but I do know I will be attending this.