Adding Charatcer

We rented a wide angle lens for a couple of weddings we shot recently so I thought I would take advantage and get some new pics of our home. I thought I would share over the next couple of weeks. We live in new construction because my husband loves it. He loves me and knows how much I would love a home with unique character so in return he let me change a lot. We are still in process, but for now I am happy.

My husband built me this piece, it helps keep our entry free of clutter.

The main living room. Awkward space, but we worked it the best we could. Oh, and the empty frames on the wall is a project in the works, no need to worry.

This was the sun room, but now acts as our dining room. It works better for the way we live and yes I know there is a lot of furniture in a small space, but my home is small. Did you notice the new/old dining chairs? A Craigslist find. They are all in good condition, but need to be reupholstered. Wait did I say they were all in good condition. Not anymore, little Ellie broke the top of the back off of one of the chairs while with a babysitter. I am hoping to be able to fix it, because one day I hope to have these surrounding a parsons table, but not until my children stop coloring off the paper.

This is the former dining room now family room hence the pendant light. The sofa faces the kitchen. I love having this space, it's where I blog and hubby edits. It makes fixing dinner feel like a family affair. Oh, and doesn't everyone have a large tent in their home and lamps without shades? I have the perfect pair of shades living in my head, but have had a hard time finding them in real life. One day I suppose.

So this is it for the main living areas. If you have any questions I will be more than happy to answer them.