A Good Day

I am taking the week off for some much needed family time. We are heading to the beach which also happens to be my favorite place ever. We haven't even got there yet and my little Ellie is already asking if we can stay forever. I hope one day I can tell her yes. For now I will leave you with some of my most recent favorite photos of my babies...

Oh and here are a few of my favorite reads that for some reason have yet to make it on my blog roll...

For the decor obsessed... Blue Hydrangea.

For the foodies... Amy and Ann.

For the one's who love it all... Johns Journal.

For those who are having a wedding or those who just love them... 100 Layer Cake.

For the fashion lovers... Unabashedly Prep.

For those who need hope and inspiration... NieNie Dialogues.

I hope you all have a lovely week and will miss you, really.

{images via my love Kellen Jacob Photography}