Shopping Hiatus {2}

Modern Economy had their online sample sale and well, I just couldn't resist. Unfortunately or luckily, depends how you look at it, I was a few days behind and missed out on some really great goodies. I did come away with a few great scores though...

Good on Paper sticky note set, I bought these last year and loved them. I had sticky notes everywhere.

A couple of card set from Oh Joy! could not make me any happier.

I always carry around a little notebook to jot down a new paint color I may like, phone numbers, shopping lists, etc. I can't wait to start using this one from Mateo Ilasco.

This dish towel I bought last year and the very next week my husband used it to clean a greasy mess. Hopefully this new on from Tikoli will last just a bit longer.

My whole bill came to just over $30.00 and that included shipping. Now that is a huge savings for such wonderful brands and products. I can't wait for it all to arrive. I am just giddy.