Shopping Hiatus {2}

Of course by now you know I shopped. I bought myself a birthday outfit, well technically my birthday is not till the 22nd, but we have a few weddings to shoot this month so I went ahead and got it....

Both were on a ridiculous sale, plus if you have an Anthropologie card they give you 15% off your total purchase for your birthday month. I plan to have the top tucked into the skirt and I bought a wide stretchy belt from Banana Republic for $15 dollars. You get a $15 dollar gift card with your banana card for your birthday too, so I used it. The top will also look good untucked with a pair of jeans, very versatile if I say so myself. So all in all I feel like I am styling and cute for not that much money. I am sure you will be getting pictures sometime next week. It has such photoshoot possibilities.


*Embellished Bayou has a post about buying new versus DIY and she included me, yeah! You know me I just love a good DIY.*