Being Design Happy

Dear design savvy friends,

Please help me...

xx, me (the one who can decorate other people's homes, but struggles with my own)

This is my dilemma...

We switched the dining area with the sunroom. The "former" dining room opens directly onto the kitchen and the sunroom is a room of it's own, but has an arched opening. Why did we do such a thing, well we were gifted a fabulous 1940's piano. We have a smaller home and had no where to put it. Soon it will sit under the mirror in the first image. Although I like the switch I can't seem to get a grasp on how to make it look lovely. I do feel as if the new family area will come together once I figure out the dining area. Oh, and I do realize it needs a larger rug and I am in search mode. All the (big) pieces you see must stay although I am thinking about changing out the chairs. The fabric over the piece in the second photo is not how it's going to stay I was just testing the idea of a skirted table with the largest piece of fabric I had.

I really can't believe I have showed you all these photos. They look awful, I know, but I can't live in an unfinished space without feeling out of sorts.

These are some dining areas I like...


Please send your ideas this way. I am sure you all have tons of them. Oh, and keep in mind I do have a 2 and 4 year old which makes grubby hands a given, so everything must be easy to clean. We do plan on replacing this table one day, but for now it works for us and all the art projects my kiddos do.

Last thing... I can't do lots of color. Although I like it I can't seem to live with it very long, I have tried. Boring, I know.