Shopping Hiatus {2}

Maybe I should change my weekly post title from shopping hiatus to confessions of a blogger. I completely rocked my first hiatus, not so rocking the second. The first hiatus was more of a three month fast for my Jesus, but the second has been for me and wow, it makes it so much harder...

These are what I bought. I really bought the one's on the far left a couple of weeks ago and already confessed, but they finally came in. I love them all. Now I have a pair to go with everything I already own. I would have shown you how cute they look on my feet while I did a walk of shame, but I am in need of a pedicure. Hubby was not upset in the least, he didn't really expect me to last all the way till next year. I think he is still happy I am trying though.

{photo via Kellen Jacob/quote via LobotoMe}

Yesterday as I was trying to play catch up on all my favorite blogs, I came across this post on LobotoMe. She has been doing a stellar job on this hiatus and really is such an inspiration to me. Her moto is the same as mine, live a life more simple. Anyway, she expressed the importance of living debt free and has a wonderful list of better places to put your money, like college funds. As for us, we too believe in living debt free. Our last bit of debt, the car, will be paid off by the end of August. Once we do that we have a plan to start the college funds and retirement. All this to say, that we do not live beyond our means, we pull cash out every month to keep to a budget, so as I fail at my hiatus every so often I am not failing my family but failing you all and these weekly posts, ugh. To some it may seem we have a lot, to others you may think we already do live the simple life. I really just want to get to a place where I feel as if we do live simply, not a stuff thing, but more a heart thing. Does this make sense? It's clear as day in my head, ha!