Happy Birthday Ellie!

My sweet little Ellie is full of personality, loves to play dress up, loves to pretend, loves to go high on the swing, she freezes up in large crowds, but always remembers her please and thank you's. She loves her daddy more than her mommy (her words not mine), but I am okay with that. She loves a good family dance party. She loves "good" food. I love my sweet little lady and 4 years ago today our lives changed when she joined our little family. This is my Ellie...

(see what I mean, when I say personality)

and here is her small family party we had over the weekend...

I made the skirt and added the 4 to the top... tutorial for the 4 coming later this week or next.

The theme Ellie wanted...flowers. She is so like her mama.

Close up.

Simple details. For dinner we enjoyed steak and pasta. Like I said my little lady enjoys "good" food.

I so got the idea and tutorial from here. I just adapted it my little lady.

Cake is from Edgars for the locals. I added the pink banner around the bottom of the cake plate just for some extra fun.

Happy Birthday baby!