DIY: A Basket Light Pendant

Kellen is finally home, but has a full days work ahead of him. I can't wait till tonight so we can just spend some much needed time together. While he was away I had quite a to do list that I wanted to accomplish, but much of it did not happen. Instead I took the kiddos to a free movie, played, watched movies here at home with popcorn (okay, really we just watched The Bee Movie almost every night), and went to the park. I did finish making 6 little girl dresses with 5 to go for my future etsy shoppe, continued with the process of decorating a home, helped a friend make an upholstered head board, and finally making the light fixture out of a basket.

I could not be more thrilled with the way the pendant turned out. I have been wanting to do it for quite some time, but had the hardest time finding a basket the right size and without handles. Where did I happen to find this one? Well, I walked into a friends home and she just purchased this one from T.J Maxx for $10.00 dollars. She wasn't attached to it so I bought it from her. I then had a friend cut a hole in the top. I then wired it with a $20.00 dollar pendant light fixture that I found at Lowe's. It came with a glass shade, but I just left that part off and used the rest. I then had another dear friend who offered to hang it before hubby came home. My favorite part is the way the light dances off he walls at night, just gorgeous.