Shopping Hiatus {2}

So far so good. I did buy some plants for the garden which was on my "it's will be okay" list. I just adore gardening, especially all the flowers that can be snipped for bouquets. It also fits in with the 3/50 project. I also returned the lovely purse even though I really did love it. For Mother's Day though my hubby said I could buy the purse back or get a housekeeper for a good cleaning. I think I am going to go with the cleaning. Funny how things change as I get older. Now for the amazing things I won instead of having to buy...

{via Kotori}

First I won a beautiful cuff from Tonya the ever so sweet blogger over at Kotori. Mine is the gray one with the orange button. I just adore her and can't wait for her shop to open.

Second I won address labels from Sarah of Truly Smitten. I absolutely adore them. I had her put my husband's photography info on them and it makes everything look ever so special when we mail off the DVD's. I may need to get more of these soon. Also her blog is amazing, so much eye candy.

Although I did not win this lovely straw from GlassDharma, I did get it free with a $3 shipping charge. I got the straight straw and just love it. I used Rachel's lovely photo from Heart of Light, I just adore it with the lemons.

I feel like one lucky girl!