Outfit to Room...

I could not be more excited to do this outfit to room. It came way of Emily from Wide Open Spaces. I swear she and I have been separated at birth. Anyhoo, her sister in law just moved into a new home and wants to re do her bedroom. This outfit somewhat represents what she loves...

{via Micheal Stars}

Outfit to Bedroom...

{via ebay}

It all begins with a unique Kilim rug.

{via DWR}

A stunning bed in a light maple.

{via here}

Dark and textured bedding.

{via Ikea}

Two of these placed side by side would make for a lovely dresser.

{via Tazi}

A pouf or two would make quite a statement.

{via Etsy}

Some lovely art framed and matted of course.

{via Pottery Barn}

Some fun yellow drapes to keep it all from becoming too serious.

A paired down version of Bohemian Chic. Keeping it neutral, but all the while keeping the textures rich. I would also love to see a light gray wall, this pendant light, and this mirror for over the dressers. Okay, maybe not that exact mirror it costs a lovely fortune. Of course the drapes and art can be changed out to fit one's taste. I just so happen to be on a yellow and bird kick at the moment. And yes, I got my inspiration from an old Domino magazine, oh how I wish it were still around.