Outfit to Room...

The most lovely and new blogger Rachel from A Klassy Lady sent a lovely outfit my way. You must really check out her blog, she has great style and she is a friend of mine who also happens to make a stunning bride. Anyway, the outfit is from Noa Noa and came way of Decor8 another fabulous blog.

{via Decor8 via Noa Noa}

Outfit to living room...

{via Design Public}

This lovely piece would be along one wall in order to hold a flat panel television.

{via Jonathan Adler}

This piece would be next. It would be sitting in front of the cabinet as you walk through the room. Perfect to see over for TV viewing, but still provides extra seating for guests.

{via Overstock.com}

This to sit in the middle of course.

{via Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams}

Then two of these chairs would sit across from the daybed.

{via Beach Dwelling}

A lovely side table would sit between the two chairs...

{via Pier 1}

...in order to hold this pretty lamp and a cup of tea.

It all would sit atop this fine rug and bring the whole room together.

I must admit this outfit to room took a bit longer than expected, but I had fun finding new shops along the way. As for the weekend, I am going to a friend's wedding out of state with a few dear girlfriends. This will be my first trip away sans husband and kiddos. I must say I am quite giddy.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!