Shopping Hiatus {2}

{Just because I want them... via Twig & Thistle via Crate and Barrel}

The wonderful Aimee from Mostly Mod had a brilliant idea to extend the shopping hiatus we did earlier in the year till the end of the year. At first I was intrigued, but quite doubtful that I would ever attempt such a thing. Well, now it's official, I am in as of today. Okay so I actually told Aimee last week that I was in, but I made a few lovely purchases so starting this week sounds much better to me. Of course this hiatus will be a bit looser for me this time around.

1. I will buy gifts
2. We are hoping to tile the kitchen back splash this year
3. I will get my hair done
4. I will buy my kiddos clothes, but only when needed
5. I will buy fabric to sew
6. I will finish the garden
7. I love a good book, but don't worry I share them when I am done
8. I will probably purchase some calling cards in the near future, they are just so very efficient
9. If I am gifted money then I shall spend it happily (hint, hint)
10. If I do want to make new home purchases then they must be a superb deal and I must sell my old to make room for the new.
11. I may occasionally buy local or from an Etsy seller just to be supportive (I must be realistic, right?)
12. Oh, and vacations may not count. I will just have to see about that one.

Like I said it will be a looser hiatus. My goal will be to save, save, and save some more. Now just to get my hubby on board with his spending and we could do wonders to our account.

"Be okay with what you have."
Dave Ramsey (financial guru)

*Sweet Ellie is over at Blog Googles today. I just love morning surprises.