Shopping Hiatus: 12 weeks down

This officially marks the end of my shopping hiatus. I hope to continue with the mind set of "do I really need it?". As for this past week, I did well. Over the weekend hubby and I took the kiddos to an air show. We walked for miles, ate horrible food, and had the very best time. On the creative end of things I decided to re-cover our benches in the dining area. They were starting to look worn and I wanted something fresh...

Yes, I did have to buy the fabric, but it is from a local business that is going out of business so I got it less than $10 a yard and I only needed a couple. At first I thought it may turn out too traditional, but with the green trim I added I think it turned out more youthful.

The best part of my week was that I won this letterpress print from Angela of SeeSaw Designs. I absolutely adore it! I did buy the frame, but I used a gift card I had. To get your own print be sure to visit here. I also love their blog. Really she and her team just rock.

Okay, so I also bought the two crewel pillows on sale from Pottery Barn and used up the rest of the gift card plus $10. Whew!

Oh, okay maybe I should change my week from well to decent. I fell head over heels for this lamp that I found at Home Goods. I found a slight crack in it so they brought the price down to $29.99. This came out of my own pocket, oops. The funny thing is all the above has been up since Thursday and the hubby still has not noticed.