On Being a Mom

I was tagged by the lovely Emily over at Wide Open Spaces. The topic: Motherhood. How could I resist?

The question: What are five things you love about being a mom?

1. Being able to have my babies at all is amazing enough. (See yesterday's post)

2. Although I do not love it when my kiddos are sick I do love being the one who helps them feel better. I love being able to hold them tight and give them sweet kisses that only a mama can. I love this time especially since it is one of the only times they let me hold them for long periods of time.

3. Being a mom has actually helped me become more creative. I sew dresses and skirts for my daughter, create shirts for my son, we color, we paint, we simply create.

4. I love being able to watch them grow and learn from the day they were born. To see my two become the best of friends. To see their minds turn. I learn a lot about keeping it simple from them.

5. Being a mom allowed me to see how much Jesus truly loves us. My love does not hinder even when we are in melt down mode. I do not love them any less no matter what they do. I now know a Jesus who forever loves me simply because He allowed me to be a mom. Now that's an awesome feeling to have.

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