Just Lovely

I absolutely love a pretty kitchen. Really, who doesn't? I do seem to have a slight obsession though with a certain look and yesterday I came across an image that I can not stop thinking about. The image I found was over on Jennifer's blog of the Newlywed Diaries. It actually is her room inspiration for a tag I sent her way yesterday.

I love the different textures and the soothing colors, sigh*. I then continued to explore the creative genius behind this lovely space and found some more yumminess.

Oh how these spaces make me swoon. That last photo may be my favorite though. Again with the color, the backsplash, the apron front sink, the three tiered baskets, all the cookbooks, I really could go on a on. I also love that tiny island. Our kitchen is about that size and I am thinking something like that may be nice, maybe on casters even. it would make it harder for the tricycle my daughter likes to ride around, but with the warmer weather she could just head outside. I also really love the glass front cabinets on either side of the stove. I wonder how hard that would be? Oh, I better stop now or this could become a whole renovation in our only 2 year old kitchen.

{via Morgan Harrison Home}