Book Club: chapter 2

In the book, the Artist's Way, there are people who can be labeled as crazymakers in your life. These people try to derail you from creating and believing in yourself. I feel highly blessed that I do not have these kinds of people in my life. As a child my parents enrolled me in art, horseback riding, dance, and etc lessons even when they barely had anything themselves. They knew I thrived to create so they enabled me to do just that. In high school I derailed myself from most of my once loved activities in order to be so-called popular. In college I did find myself taking dance once again and dabbling in pottery classes at least until the party life took over. I am so grateful that I even graduated. During my last couple of years at school I found Jesus or rather He found me and I turned my life back around. Now I have a wonderful husband who also is in the creative world at his work and with photography. He supports my every creative whim. All this to say I am thankful where I have been brought in life.

I shut my eyes in order to see
Paul Gauguin