Shopping Hiatus + Vacation

I really can not believe I am at the 10 week mark of the shopping hiatus. This past week I really thought I would have faltered and shopped since I was close to an amazing outlet mall while on vacation to Rosemary Beach, but I did not. Well, I did buy one pair of shorts and a light weight cardigan, but that's all. Hubby even gave me permission to shop like mad, but I really did not want to. Amazing, right? We did buy a few things for the kiddos at Crewcuts, but at 40% off already reduced prices put all the pieces under 10 bucks. Who really could pass that up?

Okay on to the family vacation...

Way too long I know, but my fav list is way too long also. If you want to see more go to my hubby's site,

One last tidbit of information... If your son happens to throw your phone into a pot of water then dry it off quickly and then stick it in the fridge for a day or so and it may work like new. I mean only if something like that would ever happen.

Update: Just realized its been 11 weeks not 10, woo-hoo!