Shopping Hiatus: 8 weeks down

I was highly tempted to not post today, but I will be honest. I know I should feel guilty, but I do not (sigh*). As my story goes my favorite local children's boutique is going out of business. There was a sandwich shop upstairs from the Red Wagon that caught on fire. Much of her store and merchandise was ruined due to smoke and water damage. Unfortunately her insurance did not cover enough of the the damage to keep her in business during this economy. The Red Wagon's doors will shut by the end of March. Needless to say I went and bought a few things at a huge discount. Here is what I bought...

The jacket my daughter already owns so I bought the matching skirt. The dress was to pretty to pass up, my little lady worn a pink one on her 3rd birthday. They are both from one of my favorite little girl designers, Ses Petites Mains. I also got 2 bilibo's. It really is quite a silly little thing, but my children have been playing with them non-stop. I guess it is to spur on their imagination. Kind of like an expensive card board box, ha!

So there is my story. I shall do better this week. That's a fact.