We got back from the beach late last night so today is all about getting food in the fridge and unpacking. I had the best time even though it stormed the majority of the time. Some highlights from the trip you may want to know: My Ellie loves to swim with arm floats. She used to have a huge fear of the water. My KJ on the other hand developed a fear of water and would grip me so tight that I could spend hours in the water just so he would let me hold him like that. We ate tons of seafood and ate way too much at The Sugar Shak. My favorite part though would have to be having my husband around so much. The kiddos and I can not get enough of him.

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who still visited the At The Beach series even though I was away. I missed you all and can't wait to catch up. I will share more of our trip over the course of the week. Hope you all have a great day!