Shopping Hiatus: 6 weeks down

The shopping hiatus is still going well. I have bought some fabric for my daughters spring and summer wardrobe, but made sure I bought on sale. I also have bought for my son's birthday. I have found myself not only trying to make it fabulous but at the same time economical, so far so good. In the mean time, this weekend we took the kiddos to the airport to watch the planes fly by. This is one of our favorite and free activities. This time in particular we were blessed to see plane after plane. I must say I am loving my new Flip Mino, thank you babes!

watching the planes from paula on Vimeo.

If you are taking part in the hiatus, how's it going for you? I also recommend if you you haven't tried this then you should. It really does make you so much more aware of where all your money is going and and I feel so refreshed. I still have awhile to go, April, but sure do hope it lasts even longer.

Update: I bought two hats. Yes, I know. Technically my hubby said he would buy them so it wasn't cheating, but still. We are heading to the beach soon and I "needed" them. I did get them on the cheap though thanks to Target. I must say I do feel a pang of guilt. I could only find one on-line. Here it is...