Shopping Hiatus: 3 weeks down

I am three weeks in and had a slight snafu, but have been going strong since. The oddest thing though, I am feeling quite uninspired. Not quite sure what it is, but still feeling it none the less. One good thing though is that when I wake up I know I am not going to make a frivolousness purchase. I know I am saving money too, a good thing since insurance did not cover all of my son's breathing treatments from a few months back. I love to shop, but I also love not having the need to shop. Hopefully soon I will be inspired and be out of this slight funk.

Last night we did take the kiddos to the dollar theater to see Madagascar. We figured if they are not ready to sit through a whole movie then we would only be out four dollars. We had a blast.

{image via Absolutely Beautiful Things via Rodney Smith}