A Bike

I have a little dream to live in an area where I could ride a bike around town and not get run over. We can ride around our little neighborhood, but to actually try to make it to a shop would be a sure mishap waiting to happen.

I think this lovely basket would be perfect for the front of a lovely bike. I would carry fresh flowers and the milk that I forgot to pick up earlier.

{via here}

If I had this bike though I could carry all my groceries plus the fresh flowers. How fun is this? I wonder if it is easy to drive though, because I must say I am quite smitten with the thing.

{via Etsy}

Maybe for now I can just hand out bike love to those who can ride them. These would be perfect for our vacation to Rosemary Beach this March. Now that is a bike community used to it's fullest.

I can feel spring coming right around the corner even if it did snow over the weekend, hence my love for bikes and fresh flowers. I will miss my boots, but I think I am ready for a season of dresses. Spring and summer minus the Alabama humidity would be nice though. I know my hair would appreciate it. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.