Apartment Therapy

I was very excited to see my room up on Apartment Therapy, but not so excited with all the comments. Some people can be kind of nasty, oh well. What I do appreciate is all the sweet comments you all left for me here! I know it's not perfect, but it's mine and the wonky wallpaper fits my wonky personality. Although I did get some good advice on hanging something above the bed.

I saw this image over on Element's of Style and I fell in love with it. I am now on the lookout for something similar. Hopefully next time I hang wallpaper it won't be so cringe worthy and I will be sure to match up the pattern. Luckily it's easy-change and if the need comes then I can well, simply change it. First time for everything right, ha! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

FYI: I received this lovely advise that will next time come in handy or be of use to some of you who might want to attempt this- Anyway, Paula, just so you know for next time, the pattern should continue from sheet to sheet. It easy to calculate where to cut once you know the measurement of the repeat. (brilliant, really wish I figured that out before)- doorsixteen