The bedroom

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I do not believe my home will ever be "done", but the room that is not even close to what the rest of my home represents is the master bedroom. I believe it should be serene, comfortable, and a place that I, dare I say, feel a little sexy. With an array of mis-matched furniture, toys all around, and a color that I am now officially sick of, I can say it gives off none of the latter vibe I desire. In an earlier post I designed my dream room, but now I am tired of that too. I may have a problem. The photos above are what I am feeling now. I just need to put it all into practice. If you, all my lovely readers, have any more images or ideas to jog my brain for more inspiration than I would gladly except. My room has me stumped, which is not normal for my over active brain. Please help!

I know it's a mess and it's taken with my phone, but this is my room now. It's large for one and that kind of throws me off. The bed will have to stay for now at least until I find a killer deal on a really nice one. I really like the one in last last photo above, but in a different color maybe? The lamp in the first photo is new, but can easily be returned along with the other. The side table its on is the cheaper replica of the set we currently own. This should be painted and I hope to find something similar in scale for the other side. The long dresser actually goes with the set that is in my daughters room. It is the original so I am hesitant to paint it, would you? As for the chair, it's going and the settee can easily be recovered. Honestly I would buy all new, but that's just not in the budget right now. Oh, and I am all for new bedding. I would really love this room to represent my style. Right now it is so blah. What would you do if this was your room? I am up for anything.