Baby, it's cold outside.

I will start by saying it was a mere 30 degrees with a windchill factor that made it even colder, but this shoot had to go on. "Why the urgency?", you may be asking. Well, that's simple, this shoot took place the day before the wedding. This beyond adorable couple were lucky enough to have a photographer friend to shoot the actual wedding, but we were blessed enough to be asked to do some bride and groom portraits. Okay, and when I say we I more mean my darling hubby in this case. Two children, no babysitter, and being that cold excluded me from all the fun. I personally think he did one fab job. I can brag on the hubby a bit, right?

{This is the moment they first saw each other. I wish you could see his sweet and very masculine lower lip bite a bit more.}

Isn't she stunning? If you would like to see more be sure to go check out hubby's site {Kellen Jacob Photography}.